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Our Ministry Work is us praying for you and your loved ones. We respect each other's religious/ spiritual beliefs. Prayer is a powerful tool that is employed by every belief on the planet. It's our purpose to pray for you. If you or a loved one is fighting addiction, health issues, mental health, praying for forgiveness, or praying that a loved one who is departing this world finds their way to the light. It's our purpose to be there for you all. 

Our way to pray is to say the rosaries, light candles, send healing intentions/ energy, burning intentions for you. It whatever way we can help you in your path we are here with open arms and open heart.  

To submit a prayer request, please fill out the form below. We will pray for you. Knowing you have someone on your side. God Bless You, Be Blessed, So it is in Jesus' Name, So mote it be!

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We are Praying for you and yours