Sample: In The Beginning There Were My Words

Here is a small sample of my book In The Beginning There Were My Words. It is a collection of Poetry, my first collection and certainly not my last. I do hope you enjoy and purchase your copy of my work and much more.

If Wishes and Dreams Came True

My dream since I met you was to marry you and have you forever. But as the stars filled the sky, you found someone else. Wishing you the best, I'd bowed out and stepped aside. So, you could be happy.

I wished, and dreams come true. I would have you in my arms. Nothing else can keep me from having that dream except you have another.

Have you ever had a wish or a dream? that the love of true love would waltz into your life and take you away.

Suppose wishes and dreams come true. Then I would love you close instead of from afar. I would be living in the present moment instead of looking back and reliving the moments.

Never wanting to let you go because of what we had together. That smile of yours broke my heart and was mended by your tender, sweet kisses and your healing touch.

Living without you is harder to do because I miss hearing your voice. And feeling the touch of your hand against my cheek. Having your soft lips against mine.

If wishes and dreams come true, then I would have you in my arms. To love and hold till death do us part.

Calling Out to You

I would always be the one you could love and need when things go wrong. Call out to me, and I'll fly around the world for you.

Calling out to you to express what matters, and that is my feelings for you. Some miles separate us. I'll cross the time zones to kiss you and hold you in my arms, if only for a minute. To me, for that minute, I've would have found heaven.

Calling out to you to say I love you.

Without uttering a single word, you spoke to my heart.

Think About Us

When I lay eyes on you, my heart skipped a beat—losing my breath over your beautiful eyes that shine like diamonds in the sky. I was captivated by your smile and the sound of your voice. I knew then that you were the one for me. I had you, holding you close as we danced slowly to the softest music.

But the late-night phone calls, to tell you I love you. I am there for you when you need it. I was giving you all the love that I can provide. The thing about us, we've had some great times, but there were tough ones. We got through them together.

As the music played, everyone in the room faded away. I was holding you as we step to the sound of the music. Then I looked into your eyes, saw that you were for me.

From that moment on, I knew I found love in you. I was thinking about you and having you with me when we're apart? It shows you that I mean every word spoken to you is from the heart. It is my promise to you as I'm thinking about us.

Because of You

Written in the stars are the words that unlock our souls. The keys to one's heart are spoken with passion. It's what comes from the heart. Your written comments shatter the glass covering that surrounds my heart. You are tapping into an unknown emotion that is hidden deep down. You were able to break me into tears. Your meaning is true when looking into your eyes.

You were taking my breath away along with my heart. You have a raw emotion inside your word. Because of you, I know what love and passion emotions speak volumes.

It's you I fallen for by reading your words touched my soul. No one has ever been able to do it before. Because of you, my search for real love is over.

Written in the Stars

Love, life, dreams, future moments are Destiny's involvement in the directions, looks to the sky, and reads the stars to the many questions.

Is it written in the stars the answer to my questions? The door to the future. Finding the real me is a question that somebody can't be answered but myself.

I was wondering if I will ever find the one. Prayer in the belief affirming my truth he'll come in my life and stay forever. The stars with their twinkling lights hold the answer, with signs to spell but the solution.

Is it written in the stars, the power within to overcome hell on earth? The answer to life is in the journey.

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