Reiki: The Symbols of Healing

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that can be done by itself or included in a service. It's an alternative therapy of mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing. The practitioner has been trained and attuned to the symbols. You learn how to use the symbols; you learn when to use the symbols. But the important thing is when you include reiki into your life. You learn how to do healings, both in-person and in the distance. You can use intentionality to send reiki energy to a person. But you join the lineage from the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui. (1865- 1926) There are many forms of Reiki like Shamanic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki.

My teacher Faye Webber attuned me to Reiki. I attended her class one on one; it was my birthday gift to myself. Learning how to do the hand positions, what Reiki is, and then being attuned was awesome. I also enjoyed the hands-on portion where I was able to perform my first Reiki session. The feedback was amazing, and She told me that I was a powerful healer, and she said she enjoyed my session. I loved what Reiki has done for me and how it has changed my life. It truly came into my life when I needed it. It has become my passion; energy healing has become my passion. I love it.

When I know someone is in the hospital, sick, or grieving, I send them Reiki energy. I have had others send me reiki energy, and I feel it. Reiki is a blessing to my life, and I hope that my students walk away feeling empowered and filled with knowledge. Check out my upcoming YouTube channel for more information and a Reiki session.

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Brian Warriner
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