My Purpose in Writing

It was a recent thought that I had; everything in my career has been brought me to writing. Whether I am writing poetry, in my journal, my blog, my short stories, or whatever I am doing, I am writing. I started writing in 7th grade from there; I have gotten better at it. But it wasn't something that, at the time, I was conscious of. I just wrote in a composition book that I had. It started when I tried to form a music group with my friends. Which was just constantly changing, meaning there were friends constantly interested and not. But I had started to write the lyrics to songs. I had no idea how to craft a song; I still don't to this day. The lyrics were just the worse anyone could have created. This was a time of the boyband craze with groups like Nsync, Backstreet boys, then 98degrees, LFO, O-town made their appearance. But also countless others graced the covers of tiger beat magazine and Bop, BB so many. I was just caught up in the craze. In truth, I was bit by the writing bug. I would write poetry that started as one stanza. I would draw a little picture, but I soon would use notebooks. I even tried short story writing when I was in high school. I started to receive praise for my writings. But learning punctuation and grammar was something that hasn't sunk in. It was even more apparent when I was re-writing the poems from high school. I was like, if my high school English teachers saw this, they would smack the shit out of me. I would have too. But thank god for Grammarly because otherwise, my work would be crap. Filled with misspelled words, punctuation, and all kinds of errors.

After high school, I had this notebook, a 5 subject composition book where I just started writing. I thought I fill it up, and that would be it. Well, I filled one section with short stories. But I found something that brought me comfort, even in the beginning of social media. I started talking to guys and secretly was writing about these feelings that I was having. I was out to my friends but not family at the time. While talking to guys online gave me an idea of how cruel men can be because I started to write my feelings out and started to express my thoughts. From there, the number of journals grew. I am now writing the 14th volume of my poetry journals. I had also continued to write short stories, but this time it was more romance and involved gay men as the main characters. I started to keep a journal where I kept writing.

My poetry books that are for sale are from my poetry journals. And my poetry journals are my books. I created a system that, as I write in my journal, I create the manuscript. Which I proofread, edit and revise as I go. When I am done writing,

I have a full manuscript completed. I then set it up to be printed in a full book. I released 8 books this year in 2021. Next year I have 8 more books to be released. I have a three-year publishing schedule where I publish 8 books a year. I am excited that my workings are out there, and many people will find my workings and connect with them. I am here for that and much more to come. I hope you find my work and spread the word.



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Brian Warriner
Psychic Medium, Master Energy Healer, Published Author, 
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