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Most of you may know that I don't shy away from speaking my mind. In fact, it's something that I am known for. I say what comes to mind, and I speak the truth as I know it to be. This caused me to branch out, I don't know about others, but I have a sexual mind. Ask my friends and co-workers I don't shy away. I had this idea one day back in 2020 to try something new. I started with the idea that leads me to write gay erotic poetry. I wrote a few in my notebook. Then I tested them out on a friend who shared it. The response back was very delightful. It was either I turned them on, or I made them hard, which are great responses. I kept on writing, and in a year, I will publish my first collection of gay erotica poetry. Which I am proud of, and I am excited about it. I am also publishing a gay erotica short story collection. This is something new but not new to me. I am used to writing short stories and poetry. But the genre is something that I am new to. I have friends who do amateur adult videos and are sex workers for a living. I took my inspiration from just videos between two men. I developed the storylines or words to communicate the poem, Which has helped me channel that energy into a positive avenue. When I was re-reading my work, I was shocked at how hot and passionate it was. With my gay erotic works, who doesn't have fantasies of having sex with that one teacher, their best friend's dad or uncle, or even hooking up with that one cousin no one knew was gay. How about your best friend's brother who slaps your ass when you are alone. I love to bring conceptual fantasy and develop stories around them. My mind is sexually aroused anyway, so I go there and take the reader there. It's an amazing journey and is a positive sexual expression.

I am a very sex-positive person. I know where you can find a sex-positive psychic medium, energy healer, educator, published author, and minister. I know it sounds like a bowl of confusion. It's like being at an orgy with all tops; it simply doesn't make sense. LOL! But to me, it makes sense. I am a supporter of legalizing sex work and giving sex workers a way out of the darkness. In fact, I am not opposed to having a partner/ husband who is a sex worker/ amateur adult film actor. Hell, I'd be the one who would set up the room for him to film his videos; I'd show up to his set with food and drinks. I've been that kind of partner; if he needed a fluffer, I'd be there. I know many of you are thinking, Brian, What the hell is wrong with you? It's because you do what you can for your partner; it's not 50/50; it's 1000/1000. There are times one must give a little more than the other. But if you have communication and understanding. Even though I would be that kind of husband, it made him nervous or uncomfortable having me supportive. I wouldn't show up. But I would hope my husband would be that supportive of me. That he would show up for me at events, help me with my career. I do what I can to support.

Being a gay erotica writer is fun, exciting, and adventurous. It gives me an outlet to continue being creative. I am a very artistic person. I love seeing two men together and letting my mind create a story. It's hot, and sometimes gay adult videos inspire me. As well as gay cinema (non-adult videos). I love watching stories about gay men. Well, anything with gay characters in it. Like movies like 3-Day Weekend, Trick, Latter Days, and Prayers for Bobby. I love watching characters like myself on screen is a positive reflection. Especially when they are falling in love for the first time. I also love seeing characters like Carlos and TK from Lonestar 911, which normalize same-sex love. Seeing Carlos being included in TK's family and TK being introduced to Carlos' family. I'm obsessed with Tarlos. The episode where TK moved in with Carlos and Carlos said our, and we. I was losing my mind; I prayed to see them make it. Even though it's fiction, it still reflects people's lives. That's the important message if we are to work toward a much more equal world. Also, a world that is sex-positive and not so ashamed of a natural human response. I see nothing wrong with being sex-positive, but I have my limits. As long no one is hurt, it's consensual, and no children are involved. That's the main message you can be sex-positive and have boundaries. My thing is I'm trying to understand people's fetishes; I'll never understand most of them. But it's not for me to understand I respect them. It's okay. That's all I hope when my gay erotica poetry and short story collections come out, you all go out to buy it. I hope you enjoy my work.

Many Blessings


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