My Calling to My Life Purpose

Many people receive their calling to their vocation, whether it's their life purpose or whatever name you call it. I received my calling, but it didn't happen, one would expect. I have always had an interest in religious life. I was fascinated by convents and monasteries. I remember years ago Oprah had on her show young girls who were entering the convent. They felt God calling them to devote their lives to service. It was the Dominican Sisters of Mary, but I was fascinated with St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta; I watched movies about her, documentaries, and even met a priest friend who passed away a few years ago. Who had met her and worked with her for a few years before her passing? Any time nuns came up, my attention was grabbed from the Missionaries of Charity to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, to Carmelites, and Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. I learned about them on youtube. The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration are always praying; they have made their lives into a prayer. For a modern person with a cell phone and technology, my family. I would find it hard to give it all up to give my life to services. But that's their life; they gave it up to give their lives to prayer to service. I do have to thank the movies Sister Act 1 and 2 for the seeds planted. Because as I got older and my fascination grew, I would watch how novices would take their vows. The service where they enter the church in a bridal gown to receive their habits, then get dressed into their habit and take their vows. I am in awe of these women who give up everything to be a bride of Christ. Seeing they have just the bare minimum and they grow their own food. Honestly, I wish I could do that, give up my life for service. But that kind of life is not meant for all. I found out some nuns don't wear habits in my twenties and go to prisons and offer ministry there. I found out my great grandmother Mary, affectionately called Nana Mary, was a nun but left before making her final vows. My great aunt Charlotte was a nun too but left before she made her vows. All of this showed me definite male and female roles in religious life. Men were priests; they performed the services, heard confess, and ran the church. They became bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and if the smoke blew their way, popes. The highest nuns got was Mother Superior. To this day, I don't understand why the catholic church sticks to this outdated structure. In other branches of the Christian faith, women are deaconess, prophetess, preachers, bishops; they have a hand in the running of the church even if they are first ladies. They show what services are, and you give them freely to the world. My good dear friend Stacy who I met while I worked as a massage therapist. I knew her story, and during our conversations, when it was dead at work, I would sit upfront. One day I heard she needs to preach; she has a voice and a gift. I told her. I told her she didn't have to jump into it right away ease into it. Get up and testify in the church because someone needs to hear her message. Whatever came through, I encouraged her to do. She told me one Sunday that she got up and testified. I was so proud of her. Then after I left the spa, I keep in touch with her. I saw she posted a video of her preaching, and I burst with pride and joy. I was so excited about her. I left the spa due to health reasons, but I knew that my purpose working at the spa was fulfilled.

I descended from clergy, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Religion Saints, tribal leaders in ancient pagan Europe during my family tree search. My ancestors also lead the conversion from paganism to Christianity, which did cause bloodshed and the shedding of innocent blood. I also found people like Lori Bruno, who is a strega in Salem, Mass., and Laurie Cabot, who the official witch of Salem. Who showed me the other side of religious life. I found that very appealing to me. Because there is so much contradiction that organized religion has that it has turned me off. But it's also a part of me; it's in my blood. No matter how we try to spin it or hide from it, we are a part of its good, the bad, and the in-between. I found myself learning from my ancestress, who was voodoo high priestesses. They show me things and teach me, but they won't allow me to practice because I am not ready, which is fine. I understand. My three times great aunt, who I call Aunt Yolanda, teaches me natural healing tools and understanding. My three times great grandmother Bertha came to me when I was on the astral plane. My dear friend told me when she saw me in astral travel; she saw this big beautiful black woman. It made sense seeing how I am drawn to how powerful the black women in my family are besides my two times, great grandmother and my great aunts. Having ancestral ties to Christianity, Paganism (Slavic & Norse), Voodoo brought me such amazing joy. I was always connected to many faiths and beliefs, which makes me feel proud of my ties. I have many ties to draw from in my ministry and my understanding of many beliefs.

My life purpose came from a deep passion, beyond readings but deeper than my energy work, education is essential, and I found that I was always meant to do something different in life. My way of things has always gone the unorthodox way. I never went to the monastery; I am an ordained minister even though it was online. But I learned, joined forums, talked to my friends who are ministers, and been through the monastery about the work; I even started to read and research what I need to know. Even though I am not giving sermons, performing baptisms and funerals/ memorials. I am in the background learning how to reach people, how to be of service to people. From my career in massage therapy, education has taught me many great lessons. Even my work as a psychic medium and energy healer has brought me here. I have a much clearer picture of my ministry work, and I don't take it lightly. I pray that I am doing the right thing and that I am a blessing to people. I ask Mother and Father God, Creator, Omnipresence, God, Buddha, Mohammad, or however you address your higher power to use me as thy will be done because their will is my will.

Be bless Everyone, Brian

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