Journaling and Mental Health

As an avid journal writer, I have been writing for over a decade. I started to keep a journal when I started my spiritual journal. It has become a strong ally for me in my living with mental illness. I suffer from Bi-polar depression and Anxiety. It sucks but journaling has helped me in various ways. I find that my truth is in front of me on that page. I can't deny it or hide from it. Or if I need to vent about my day, or family troubles, or relationship issues that arise. I grab my journal and I write. Sometimes I write for hours and write pages and pages. Other times I will write a page and that's it. For a person whose mind doesn't shut up or off no matter how hard I try. I write just before bed and just get everything out. I even will wake up to write about my dream I had. I make my mental health a priority. Which I will share with you in this blog. It's what inspired me to create my own line of journals.

I included links to some studies on the benefits of journaling and mental health. Please check them out as well as start journaling.

Journaling for Mental Health - Health Encyclopedia - University of Rochester Medical Center

How to Start Journaling for Better Mental Health | Psychology Today

How to Use Journaling as a Coping Tool | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

11 Little-Known Benefits Of Journaling For Mental Health (

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