10 Years of a Ministry

It's an unknown fact about me that I became an ordained minister in 2021. This year marks 10 years. I felt compelled to get into ministry. But the truth is I am not one for going to the monastery and follow Christian beliefs. Even though my family descends from defenders of the Catholic Faith, we were the ones who were the Holy Roman Emperors, fought in the crusades, converted Pagans (Who I also descend from) to Christianity. Many of my ancestors lead the conversion throughout Europe. Then eventually the world, because distant cousins granted Columbus the means to "discover" the new world. I say it like that because he actually was a mass murderer. This fact will forever sadden me. I have many in my ancestors who are ministers. One of my 7 times Great Grandfather converted from the Church of England to a Baptist; he did that when he was in jail. He became a minister. Also, one of my 11th great grandfathers was a minister. So here I am, their descendent became a minister, but I couldn't follow one set religion because I find the religion of love to be my calling. That is because I take things from many religions with me. I love the rosaries/ prayer beads, some of the catholic/ orthodox saints (some I am a descendent), and some mantras, prayers. I love being a part of the ancient ways. The blood of ancient Slavic and Norse Pagans runs through my veins. I love being connected to nature. Learning and being of the alternative ways. That has always been something that spoke to my heart.

When I came to ministry started as a child. My aunts would take us to Catholic mass. Sometimes I wanted to go, other times I didn't want to go. One day we were walking back from church. It was a sunny Sunday ( I don't remember the year). My cousin said to me, "You should become a priest." I looked at her like I don't think so. I found myself years later following Joyce Meyer and watching her show at 6 am every day. I would write notes, highlight the bible I had bought myself. My best friend got me hooked on Christian Music and Gospel music. I would rock out to it. Then I would be reading books on Wicca/ Paganism, books by Sylvia Browne then my interest grew from there. I, in fact, just fell in love with being different. I still have my notebook from when I watched Joyce Meyer. A lot of what I heard from her made sense to me. While reading Sylvia Browne's books, it was another piece of the puzzle. I then discovered Buddhist mantras; I started to chant the mantras, Which has brought me peace.

When I became a minister, I found the online church The Universal Life Church. I became ordained. I filled out the form, and then boom, I was ordained. I didn't know what to do with this or anything. One of my female classmates got engaged to her girlfriend. I said to her, if you wish, I will be happy to perform the ceremony. I performed their commitment ceremony. Then when New Jersey passes Same-Sex Marriage Legislation, I performed their wedding/ re-commitment ceremony. I wrote the ceremony for them. I researched various forms of ceremonies. Hand washing was their selection, and it went well. Unfortunately, they later divorced. Apart from me felt like I failed. And gave up the ministry; I said to myself I would never do weddings or anything. I walked away, and I never ordered my credentials. I just left it alone. Then recently, out of nowhere, it came back to me after I re-launched my career as a psychic medium and master energy healer. I felt something has been missing from the puzzle. It's the ministry, so it's a piece of my puzzle. I am working on and figuring out where I can be of service. I am also working on what services to offer people. There is an adventure awaiting me. I am excited about the training and my friends who went through the monastery; they have congregations and run a church. I don't believe I will be like that. But I will have a ministry for all. To be welcomed loved, and empowered. May Mother and Father, God, please use me as they need me. I give my life to service.

Once I submitted myself to the divine creator in the past few days, I realized that I could perform wedding ceremonies and house blessings. But my purpose as a minister is to pray for everyone. I can pray for those fighting the battle of addiction, mental health, or other health crises. I can even pray for those who are departing this world so they may find the light. I know what you are saying, Brian; everyone can pray for themselves. But it never hurts to have help with your prayer requests/ intentions. I have never been the type of person to do things the normal way. I blaze my trail. I was asking the creator what my purpose is or even should I continue with a ministry. I kept seeing myself praying, and I kept seeing Rosie Cerpo (tv show Angels Among Us)at her altar praying. Then I was brought to a room with statues of saints, angels, and Mother Mary statue on a dining room table. There were candles, and I was sitting there in prayer. I was also burning intentions, lighting prayers, and saying the rosaries. I knew in my heart telling me this is what my ministry will be. I heard St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta say do it with great love. For this to happen right now, when my life is so crazy, it was a sign that it's okay. I am to focus on service, and all of a sudden, the card readings I had where the focus on service came up makes sense now. That's what we can do.

Love Always


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