Non-Profit Foundations

Brian is a great humanitarian and is always willing to give his time and donate to great organizations. Which lead him to form (4) Non-profits. All of them are 501(c) organizations. 

If you wish to make a donation to any of his foundations you simply donate by clicking the donate button. 

The Barbara J Warriner Dementia Foudation

The Barbara Warriner Dementia Foundation is in honor and in loving memory of my Aunt B (Barbara J Warriner), who had battled this disease. She had battled Frontal Temporal Dementia for a few years. She passed away on Feb 8, 2021. Frontal Temporal Dementia is a complex disease to observe. It robbed her of her memories, it changed who she was, and she was in pain. I saw how difficult it was for her to go in and out of that fog. When she passed away, it was a huge relief that she didn't have to have the cobwebs in her head. It is why I formed this non-profit in her name, as part of the long-lasting legacy of a fantastic person—someone who loved people unconditionally and was loved unconditionally.

The non-profit's aim is to educate people on dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. But we aim to do this through many avenues. But it's not only to help those who are suffering from the disease but their caretakers. If the patient needs something that the insurance doesn't cover or the caretaker needs a day off. We will bring someone in who would be consistent. We also would support the caretaker after their loved one has passed. Whether they need help paying for counseling, a getaway, or help with monthly expenses. We try to make a difference to those who are caretaking and going through the disease.

The Stella Derrickson Ervin Cancer Foundation

The Stella Derrickson- Ervin Cancer Foundation is named after my late Aunt, who passed from Cancer in 2014. She fought Cancer multiple times and beat it every time. But this time, it was her final battle. We honor her but helping patients and cancer centers with making their patients more comfortable during their treatment. But we also aim to help the families of those who are caretaking for the patient. To achieve this, we are offering to work with the centers on what the need is. And how to help the patients and their families. We offer counseling, spiritual/ holistic help, refreshments, and emotional support for all. We hope to raise money to support our efforts and donate refreshments, blankets, and activities for those who are receiving treatment and help/ support their families through our events. We also offer holistic/ spiritual support to those receiving treatment and their caretakers. We offer non-invasive Hands-on Reiki services and chair massages for the caretakers. Our practitioners are highly certified and are highly knowledgeable of the ways to treat our patients.

The Brian Warriner Golden Pen Awards

The goal of the Golden Pen Awards is to encourage the creativity of the creative, literary, and visual arts in schools. Where we give out awards to fifty students from First Grade to Twelfth Grade all over the state. We do this by many multi-facets to encourage, inspire, and develop creative writing, literary arts, and visual arts skills. We will achieve this goal through our events and fundraisers. But we also achieve this by publishing the works of the students in a literary magazine. We will give a free copy to our students and sell others on our website.

The process of the Golden Pens is to have students, parents, teachers, and administration submit their student's work. That includes their work, name, grade, and school's name.  We will review each applicant's submission and grade against our criteria. We select fifty students and eventually make it to one hundred students. Where they will be presented with the golden pen and their copy of their published work.

Walks For Charity 

Walks for life is a non-profit foundation that aims to raise funds for many charitable organizations. We do many several big fundraisers to aid in our donations to the charitable event. Which doesn’t include the fees to set up the team. We also will develop a team to walk in support of the event. We do this in honor of ourselves and/ or those we love. It’s the philosophy of Walks for life that we do our part to find a cure for many illnesses that affect us in many ways. As such, we hold fundraisers to donate to events, walk in the events to show support, and even bring refreshments to those walking. We wear custom tee shirts in solidarity with the event, we prepare refreshment packs, and we do what we can to encourage the team and all the participants. What we do may be small, but we do it with great love.