Note from Rozelle

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Automatic Writing, Divination, and Magick.

Readings Done by Phone, Skype 
Pay: Paypal or Cashapp ($IOHWC)

Booking Information: Phone (856)-264-7253


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Good morning. My name is Rozelle, and I am honored to be doing readings with Brian; and I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am a natural-born Witch. When I seek divination, I want my reader to be the best hollow bone possible. I want them to ground with the Earth and open themselves to allow peace to enter their hearts. I want them to align themselves with Source before they would even begin to look on my behalf.

I want my reader to be open to messages and information that may have nothing to do with my question. When they work on my behalf, I understand that they open a connection for Spirit..and Spirit decides what to say. I understand and expect that things may be unexpected in a reading.

I want no sugarcoating of truth. I require no validation of my past, for I already know how to grow from it and to shed the old patterns as I find the need. All I will ever ask from a reader is to be the best hollow bone possible, for my own answers and healing to come through.

And this is how I approach reading for others. I ground and center and ask Source that I be the best possible hollow bone for their highest good. I hold peace in my heart for them, for me, and all beings. If this resonates with you, then I am at your service. 

May your day be magickal. Blessed be.