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For all Groups more than 20 people, Media, Fund Raisers & Charity Events please call Brian’s office at (856)264-7253 or email 

To purchase a reading or gift certificate call Brian's office at (856)264-7253 or email 

**Please note your return email response for a phone session may have a delay due to high demand. The actual appointment can take up to 6-8 weeks after payment.

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Disclaimer: By scheduling an appointment with Brian Warriner you are agreeing and understand that Brian does not choose who comes through in a reading Spirit does.** What you choose to do with the information presented in your session with Brian is solely your decision. Brian will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions made after your scheduled reading- this includes phone, private, group setting, fundraisers or any of Brian's services.
**Refunds are never given once you have had the scheduled session. **entertainment purposes only**