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Welcome To The Official Website of 
Brian Warriner
Spiritual and 
Holistic Health Practitioner
Published Author
Ordained Minister and Educator

Welcome to the Official Website of Brian Warriner

Brian Warriner (He/ Him/ His) is a ( Spiritual and Holistic Health) Psychic Medium, Master Energy Healer, Holistic Health Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Published Author, and Educator.  He has been professionally working for over a decade, and he has read every person from every walk of life in his career. His clients are all over the country. Brian published his first book in 2014, a limited edition of his book The Spirit of Me: Coming Out as a Medium. In 2021 he released seven poetry collections and one short stories collection. Brian is also a Queer Poet/ Writer and Artist. You can see some of his artwork on the covers of his poetry collections. His work is amazing and can be seen on this site, in his blog. 

During the pandemic, Brian started designing his own journals and notebooks. They range from spiritual, faith, Inspirational, Pride, and even journals that raise funds for charities. Brian uses the journals to advocate for mental health awareness and encourages people to seek help and journal their experiences. In journaling, they become more aware of themselves and direct their healing intentions. As a holistic health practitioner, Brian believes in treating from the inside out. When you work with the energy light body or life force, you can encourage balanced overall health. Everything that is and was is energy, the energy of held emotions can cause blockages that lead to disease. It's Brian's work that helps remove the blockages and restore the body's energy flow. A balanced energy field can bring health and wellness to mind, body, and spirit.

Brian is ordained through The Universal Life Church to perform weddings and many other services. But Brian offers his life in prayer to those who need help. Through his prayer wall where you can send your prayer requests to him. Brian employs various forms of prayer, like saying the rosary, malas, burning intentions, intention work. Sometimes in service to others, all we can do is pray for them. Brian has devoted his life to the service of others; he does this through his work. 

Please check out Brian's page where you can see his blog, purchase your session, gift an eGift card to someone, or check out the classes Brian offers. All of which is at your fingertips. Also, you can purchase your copy of Brian's works; you can purchase both paperback and ebook. Everything is right here. 

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Disclaimer: By scheduling an appointment with Brian Warriner you are agreeing and understand that Brian does not choose who comes through in a reading Spirit does.** What you choose to do with the information presented in your session with Brian is solely your decision. Brian will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions made after your scheduled reading- this includes phone, private, group setting, fundraisers, or any of Brian's services.
**Refunds are never given once you have had the scheduled session. **entertainment purposes only**